We are Dairy Management Systems, a leading specialist Health & Safety and Human Resource Consultancy established to assist Dairy Farmers.

Our aim is to help you; firstly, to reduce the likelihood of injury or death by implementing practical risk reduction measures, and secondly, to allow you to demonstrate that you have complied with the law and taken all reasonable measures in reducing risk to staff, contractors and visitors.

We have a broad range of clients, from small farms to large farms, and from our office based in Oxfordshire we are able to deliver our services throughout the whole of the UK. If you are concerned about farm safety or human resource issues then we can help you.

Our Approach

The details of our solutions are completely tailored to your needs, and so the actual service you receive will be completely bespoke to you and your needs.One of Our Folders

Our service is delivered over three years with a considerable amount of work done at the start of year one, this is when the detailed review of your existing systems takes place. The initial report is based on a visit to your farm, a primary audit and detailed review of the current operations. We commit to delivering a draft report within six weeks of our first visit and a final report within seven days thereafter. From this review we also produce an action plan on how you can deal with and solve any outstanding issues and then provide ongoing guidance and support to assist you in implementing all aspects of it. We also provide dedicated telephone and web based support afterwards to assist with any questions or queries that you may have.

Years two and three of our service involve maintenance of the plan, an annual visit and on demand visits in the case of an accident or similar unforeseen event. In addition we also supply further Risk Assessments and Safe Working Practices.

In terms of content the report we provide is an arch lever type file containing bespoke documentation on all of the above areas and with space for you to add completed forms and updated procedures as appropriate.

We believe that our bespoke service represents excellent value for money and is essentially an investment in risk reduction and hence personal liability to the farmer and his family in the event of an accident. In addition the relationship that we enjoy with a number of insurance brokers and the confidence that they gain from our involvement often brings additional benefits to our clients when renewing their insurance arrangements.

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If you are hiring staff then it is important you go through the right procedures. Our FREE staff induction forms are an excellent way of making sure you cover everything when introducing new staff to your business.

Client Testimonials

“I have to confess that when we engaged the Revolution team I was unsure how it would help me and the team – 18 months on, it has been a great boost to our business in helping improve systems and professionalise the way we manage safety and relationships with our team. The best example I can think of is feedback from clients saying that our guys are operating more safely on site, wearing hi-viz and generally more aware of looking after themselves – it’s raised the whole image of our Company. We’ve always prided ourselves on doing a quality job – now I feel our safety practices are highlighting that attention to detail. We have also worked hard – with Oliver and his team – to improve our contracts of employment, to bring in clear policies and to communicate with our staff openly. This raised a lot of questions – and it’s been good to answer those – the net result is that we have a clear understanding amongst the team as to how things should work. That has saved time, there’s less repetition on niggling little issues and we can concentrate on getting the job done”.

John Burden
John BurdenBurden BrosBurden Bros Website

“Agriculture, and in particular the dairy and arable industries, have been slow to respond to Health and Safety regulations, let alone instilling Safe Working Practices. With old habits to break and mind sets to change, increasing the level of awareness and responsibility at management level and in the field was thought to be no easy feat.

As a family business established for nearly 70 years, we were your stereotypical farming business; knowing we had a Health and Safety responsibility to ourselves and employees, but too fearful of opening what potentially could be a can of worms. Dairy Management Systems certainly put our fears to one side immediately, and have been incredibly professional in their approach; guiding us and giving us practical solutions on how to improve ourselves. There has been absolutely no criticism, just straightforward tasks to do, all of which have been bite size and easily achievable with some time management. We have certainly seen a positive change in our employees, with Health and Safety no longer being a “taboo subject” and something we can openly talk about in the farmyard. In fact the changes made have been embraced, pushing management forward. We’d called upon Dairy Management Systems earlier!”

Laura Cooper
Laura CooperCB Cooper Partnership, Swindon


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